Rooted in Equity and Justice…

As a statewide collaboration of nearly 100 organizations and thousands of individuals, the Minnesota Women’s Consortium works to achieve equity and justice for women and their families.

Our members, diverse in background, worldview, and interest, illustrate our commitment to the intersectionality of oppression and justice as well as the value of collective leadership.

The Minnesota Women’s Consortium works hard to carry out our mission in accordance with a platform created by our members including parity and equity in leadership, health care for everyone, self-determination, peace and safety, and economic justice.

The daily work of the Women’s Consortium is guided by our core mission, vision and values.

Mission: Our mission is to advance equity and justice for all women through advocacy and collaboration.

Vision: Our vision is a day when all women and girls have the confidence, freedom, and power to reach their full potential.


Equity and justice: We honor and value the dignity of every person.

Inclusivity: We are committed to empowering diverse members and individuals and celebrate all women.

Integrity: We conduct ourselves with honesty and transparency.

Collaboration: We openly share our knowledge and expertise with others to advance our common goals.


1. Advance a public policy agenda to achieve equity and justice for Minnesota women and their families.

Strategies: 1) The development of an annual proactive policy agenda that includes working in coalition with our members to mobilize the public, advocacy and criteria to measure change.
2) Hosting an annual Women’s Day on the Hill for the purpose of empowering women to advocate for themselves, moving forward policy proposals, raising awareness and engaging members.

2. Provide timely, accessible and actionable information that enhances the ability of our members to achieve our common goals.

Strategies: Policy and research analysis on issues that impact women. Provide and report on research that supports the work of our members.

3. Build a resilient and vital organization that transforms the lives of Minnesota women and their families

Strategies: We will continue to build capacity and increase diversity and inclusivity as well as ongoing program evaluation. We do this because the Women’s Consortium is its members. To effectively serve and support our members, we need to build organization capacity, resources and diversity.

The Minnesota Women’s Consortium exists because we cannot
work for justice and equity alone. Join our movement to ensure women 

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