Current Activities

Minnesota Women’s Consortium was founded as an organization of organizations.  We are made up leading organizations in their field working to close disparities experienced by women. MWC works at the systems change level, with our focus on education, advocacy, collaborations and connections.

Nearly 40 years later, we continue to create spaces for women to come together and lead change for long-term impact. In current times of strong divisive attitudes and actions, and attacks on women, it is inevitable that women come together against patriarchy and White supremacy.  This means appreciating our unique histories and lived experiences while at the same time, understanding how we can bring our diverse perspectives together to ensure all women have equitable access to healthcare, housing, employment, education and safety.

MWC has grouped our activities into three main areas: Building Community Building Solidarity, Women and Policy, and Sustaining and Strengthening Capacity. Hearing from our member organizations and community members, we are using our experience and reach to create spaces for learning and collaborating.  Below is a summary of our direction for the next few years.

Please contact Executive Director, Kabo Yang, with any questions related to the above activities. She can be reached at (651) 228-0338 or via email at