Membership has its perks!

Use our space

  • Rent a low-cost “incubator space” housing small nonprofit offices
  • Arrange to use our space for your next meeting
  • Let us be your fiscal agent or use other nurturing services for emerging group

Promote your events and/or issues

  • Bi-weekly updates via the E-Consortium Notes and quarterly newsletter with readership of 4,500 leaders
  • Links on our website to your events, updates, resources, & contact info for all member groups
  • Visit our web calendar while planning your event to minimize conflicting events & maximize attendance
  • Greater Minnesota networking events

Have fun while changing the world

  • Attend any/all of our 3 annual membership meetings for networking and updates
  • Attend Girls Rock!, Women’s Policy Summit & other annual events
  • Attend annual Celebration for networking & honoring leaders
  • Collaborate with other groups to share inspiration, resources, connections…more

Connect with national and international partners through our member organizations, as well as partner groups like Vision 2020, US Women Connect, and others.