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GTMDWorkplace lunches will never be the same after interning at the Minnesota Women's Consortium. Each day, the staff gathers to take lunch together. On my first day interning at the Women's Consortium, I was nervous to actually talk to my colleagues for a full hour. I was young, unaccomplished, and pretty sure that I had little in common with these incredible women. Little did I know that lunches would be something I would miss most. The staff and volunteers of the Women's Consortium bring themselves to the table every day to feed their bodies and minds in the fight for equality and justice.

The Women's Consortium is the only organization of its kind in the country. With 150 member organizations, the Women's Consortium offers resources and space for development and growth that enhance the lives of women and children in the state of Minnesota. On Give to the Max Day, November 15, the Women's Consortium has a goal of raising $10,000. Your help is needed to reach that goal. You can maximize equality and justice in two ways:

  • Become a member for only $30 (a $20 discount);
  • Maximize your contribution! Thanks to a generous donor your contribution will be matched up to $2,000. Your $25 donation becomes $50.

From lunch time conversations to low cost office space for blooming organizations, women are given a place to come together to discuss our needs and how we want to address them. This space for conversation is one of the most important services that the Women's Consortium offers its members. Not only can important problem solving be done in this space, but it creates an inclusive environment for discussion of the issues that women face every day in Minnesota and the world over.

Part of the Consortium's mission is to bring women and girls to the table. The open environment gives all women a chance to be heard, including women of color, low income women, older women, or young women on their first day of work, like myself.

Donate to the Minnesota Women's Consortium
on November 15, 2012, for Give to Max day. Your contribution will keep women and girls at the table, giving women the opportunity to gain leadership in our communities now and for generations to come. We cannot do this work without you. We are stronger together.

MaggieMy warmest regards,

Maggie Meyer
Former Intern

Minnesota Women's Consortium

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