Event: League of Women Voters Minneapolis


Affordable Housing in Minneapolis — What’s Next?

At our March 5th Civic Buzz gathering we will hear from two speakers who will give us insight into two aspects of what contributes to the problems and possible solutions for the issue of providing affordable housing to all Minneapolis residents..  We will focus on protection of tenant rights and on how $40 million budgeted in the 2019 city budget will be spent to provide more affordable housing units in Minneapolis.

Our speakers will be:
Eric Hauge, Executive Director of Home Line, a tenant hotline service in Minneapolis.  Eric will address protection of tenants’ rights, meaningful Fair Housing protections, and issues around Section 8 housing voucher placement, evictions, and housing inspections.

Andrea Brennan, Director of Housing Policy and Development, Community Planning and Economic Development for the City of Minneapolis will address how the budgeted $40 million will be used to provide more affordable housing units in Minneapolis.  She will elaborate on plans to finance the Affordable Housing Trust Fund, Stable Housing, Better Schools, NOAH (protecting naturally occurring affordable housing), and single family construction services.

Civic Buzz is free and open to the public.  Ask a friend or neighbor to join you for this important and timely discussion.