Event: Minneapolis Branch American Association of University Women


9:30 – 10:30 AM.  Senior Co-Op Housing. 
Speaker: Barbara Murphy, Director of Marketing,
7500 York Cooperative
Our speaker will discuss senior housing options in
Minnesota to discover why Minnesota leads the nation in
senior cooperative housing. She will describe types of
senior co-ops and show how this model of housing
empowers seniors from ages 55 to 100+ to lead fulfilled
independent lifestyles. Murphy received the Senior
Cooperative Housing Leadership Award in 2004. She will
highlight 7500 York Cooperative in Edina as the inspiration
for the growth in senior cooperative development in the
Upper Midwest and potentially the nation.
10:45 – 11:45 AM.  Don’t Age Me Out of Living.
Speaker: Judith Guest, Novelist and Playwright
How do you feel about birthday cards with black balloons
and messages of doom? Anti-aging products give the
message that it’s bad to be old instead of a privilege to be
old. Guest addresses the demeaning “ism”—ageism— as
described in Aston Applewhite’s book, This Chair Rocks:
A Manifesto Against Ageism. See the myths and reality of
aging vs. the freedom of more leisure time and the ability
to use it creatively.
11:45 – Noon Announcements
Noon – 1:15 Luncheon  Resere at 651/220-4777
1:15 – 2:15 PM.  Breaking Legs:  A Life in Performance
Speaker: Annie Enneking, Fight Director, Songwriter,
Teaching Artist, Front Woman, Founder of
the rock band, Annie and the Bang Bang, and
Enneking has been a performing artist for 35 years. All of
the art forms she practices have an intense physical
component, whether performing with and writing songs for
her rock band, crafting fights and intimacy for the stage, or
teaching her students to wield a broadsword. Annie will
talk about fight directing, songwriting, touring with her
band, and what all of those things have in common. And, if
there’s time, she’ll show you how to fake slap someone.