Event: Minneapolis Branch American Association of University Women


8:45 AM  Coffee, tea and treats.
9:45 AM  Saint Paul – Changsha China Friendship Garden of Whispering Willows and Flowing Waters.
Speaker: Linda Mealey-Lohmann, Minnesota China Friendship Garden Society, President and Co-
Founder; Mediator and Arbitrator, Mealey-Lohmann Mediation and Dispute Resolution
Mealey-Lohmann will tell us about the beautiful new
St. Paul-Changsha China Friendship Garden of Whispering
Willows and Flowing Waters. The gorgeous Xiang Jiang
Pavilion is a replica of one of the four most famous
pavilions in China, and the Hmong Heritage Wall
recognizes the historical and cultural connection between
the Hmong in Minnesota and their ancestral homeland in
this area of China, where over two million Hmong live.
This sister-city project is an important cultural bridge to
China and shows the world that Minnesota welcomes
international investors and visitors to our global metropolis.
In addition, Mealey-Lohmann will speak briefly about her
work as a mediator with various cultural groups.
10:45 AM Break
11:00 AM Annual Meeting with Awards and Recognition
Review the past year, thank outgoing leaders for their work, and welcome new leaders.
12:00 PM  Luncheon.  Reserve @ 651/220-4777
1:15 PM  Books to Enrich Your Summer
Speaker: Sue Zumberge, Owner of SubText Books
Beach reading? Serious reading? Books to enjoy and
enrich your summer days? Zumberge has a wealth of
reading suggestions for all interests. SubText Books,
an independent bookstore, is located in downtown
St. Paul. Books will be available for purchase throughout the day.