Event: Women’s Environmental Institute


Aquaponic Farming – 8 month Training Course.  $250.  Meets every 2nd Sunday of the month.

The class will begin with the basics of aquaponics and aquaculture. Each month we will explore a new topic of study as it relates to aquaponics. The topics will range from aquaponic water chemistry and fish ecology, design and equipment for aquaponic tubs, fish and plant health, planting techniques for growing aquaponic vegetables, system maintenance and equilibrium, equipment resources, lighting/energy efficiency, spawning and fish ribbons, harvesting and market planning, and regulations for aquaponic farming in Minnesota. Graduates of this course will earn a Certificate in Aquaponic Farming and will be able to apply for job positions in the growing aquaponic industry or pursue further training and degrees in the field of aquaculture or join in world-wide aquaponic protein and nutrient production organizations working nutrition impoverished communities.  Register.