Event: Women’s Environmental Institute


Winter Solstice.  $100.  Register.

Join us for an overnight gathering at the Women’s Environmental Institute as we honor the teachings of the Long Nights that speak to us of release and renewal. Drawing on ancient wisdom ways of some cultures that look to Winter Solstice as a sacred opportunity for transformation, we’ll witness and so, release troubling events of this last year. We’ll glean the insights hidden in the loss, anger, sorrow and fear we move through. Cleansed, renewed, brought to a deeper level of wholeness, we’ll receive an invitation to love ourselves more deeply as we celebrate the returning light of the year that is birthing.

Meditating, deepening, entering times of silence, walking through a moon-lit orchard, witnessing a performance artist speak to your heart with her movements, journeying with symbols to unlock your inner knowing, singing, drumming, feasting, and sharing with community await you. Join us.

Be ready to stay up late on Friday night as we journey into the night.

If you are grounded in a tradition other than European-based spirituality and are comfortable receiving teachings that come through a European channel, please feel welcome in joining us for Winter Solstice. The tradition we draw on Euro-pagan.