Event: Women’s Safety Movement Past, Present and Future


Continuing the Conversation . . . Using our Collective History and all voices from today to address Violence Against Women – hosted by Women’s Advocates

On June 14 2019 a few folks gathered to talk about grassroots organizing for women’s safety in St. Paul.  It was amazing to hear women at the coffee gathering say “YOU were the one who took my call when I needed shelter, and after I made it through I started working at X organization” only to have another person tell that first woman “and YOU were the one who took my call when I needed help.”  We’ve been helping each other so we can all help others.  We only scratched the surface, and determined the conversation was not over.  Gender-based violence continues to adapt and hurt people.  Here are some comments from the June 14th gathering:

  •  “We need to talk about what’s happening now and keep talking.”
  • “It’s like we’re being colonized by the funders.”
  • “We need to do more work with elders.”
  • “Free dialogue is very important.”
  • “We need to engage people who are newer to the movement.”

We want to mobilize all voices to continue to fight for justice.  Voices young and old and from all parts of our community are invited to come, share, learn, and mobilize.  RSVP to Lauren.