Half the Sky: Being made into PBS Documentary: Airs October 1st & 2nd

I dont know if any of you have heard, but I'm excited to announce that the book that changed the way I looked at the world (and quite frankly made me into a feminist) ….Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide…. is now being made into a documentary by PBS!!! If you can't tell, I'm excited! If you haven't read the book yet, I highly recommend it. In short, it's a coverage of specific women's issues by country/area like: economic empowerment, sex trafficking, rape and violence towards global women, etc (some heavy topics), and what is being done to empower and lift some of these burdens off of women in the rest of the world. 

I think it's an important read for every feminist because I think more often than not, in the process of fighting for pay equity and reproductive policy in the states, we forget about just how bad it is for our sisters in a global context who are fighting for their rights to live past puberty.

So check it out! And maybe youll feel the way I did and want to drop everything to help save women in the Congo. If nothing else, it helps you realize just how lucky we are to have any rights over our body and lives at all. And if you dont get a chance to check out the book, PBS is airing the documentary October 1st & 2nd!!!

Check out the trailer for the film below:


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