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 In the spring of 2010, I enrolled in a service learning class at Hamline University which required me to complete twenty hours of volunteer work at the women's organization of my choice. My professor had set up a site at the Minnesota Women's Consortium. I trusted her judgment (never a bad choice) and signed on for twenty hours at the Women's Consortium. 

 I would be lying if I said I knew instantly how amazing the Women's Consortium was and how big a part it would come to play in my life. But after twenty hours working in the office, I decided the Women's Consortium was not getting rid of me at the end of the semester. I stayed for over two years. If I hadn't graduated from college and gotten a full time job, I would still be there three to five days a week. 

 The Minnesota Women's Consortium is the largest statewide network of organizations and individuals working to achieve equality and justice for women and girls in the country. Without the Consortium there would be no go-to place for organizations and individuals to find support or locate an organization specific to their needs or network. The Women's Consortium is one of the best resources we have in Minnesota for building a community committed to equality and justice. By donating to the Minnesota Women's Consortium you are assisting in preserving and building that community.

On Give to the Max Day, November 15, the Women's Consortium has a goal of raising $10,000. Your help is needed to reach this goal. Become a part of this wonderful organization. For one day only, you can become an individual member of the Minnesota Women's Consortium for only $30 (a $20 discount). I encourage you to become a member of the Women's Consortium today and help build a community committed to equality and justice for women and girls.  

The Women's Consortium is an extraordinary organization which builds and fosters a community committed to equality. So please, assist in sustaining the Minnesota Women's Consortium – keep the community and the experiences moving forward. We are stronger together. Give to the Max for equality and justice.


Jen Kaltveit 

Former Intern

Minnesota Women's Consortium




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