Legislative Tracking and Reporting

Legislative Tracking and Reporting
We also track, analyze, and report on legislative and social issues that are affecting women in order to provide Minnesota women access to information that affects their social and economic status and empower them to take informed action on the issues.

2016 Legislative Session Summary: Racial Equity Style

This Spring the Minnesota legislature passed the supplemental spending bill that allocated money to several different initiatives/programs. 25 million dollars was given to prekindergarten education as well as 35 million dollars towards equity programs. The bill is awaiting Governor Dayton’s approval.

There are a host of other equity bills before the legislature or awaiting the Governor’s signature you can find out more and track their progress here.

2015 Legislative Session Summary: Gender Equity Style

The Consortium works to be a hub of public policy information for the feminist community. Check out the bills we tracked in the 2015 legislative session relating to gender equity topics such as gender-based violence, healthcare, human rights, economic security of women, parenting, issues of special concern to women of color, and trans* justice.

Learn more about the legislation that we have archived! Click here to check out our Minnesota’s 88th Legislative Session 2013 bill tracker.