Center on Women and Public Policy

Center on Women and Public Policy

Center on Women, Gender and Public Policy
264 UofM Humphrey School
301 19th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Mission: The Center on Women and Public Policy is the nation’s first complete teaching, research, and outreach center devoted to women and public policy.  Since 1985, the Center on Women and Public Policy (CWPP) has used gender analysis to challenge the fundamental assumptions about politics, law, and economics.  The Center leads a research collaborative with the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota annually examining the status of women and girls in Minnesota.  Other outreach and research efforts focus on women and electoral politics, women and law, and women centered nonprofits.

Legislative Concerns: Reproductive rights, pay equity, sexual harassment, women’s human rights, and equal representation in elected office and courts.

Services provided: Feminist Leadership Fellows program, a professional development and peer networking program for executive directors of women-centered nonprofits; original data analysis and application of a gender lens to existing research and data sources through the Status of Women and Girls in Minnesota project; evaluation of efforts to increase the representation of women; retreats for Women Legislators; courses on Feminist Organizations, Women and Electoral Politics, and other topics; placement of Humphrey Graduate students on feminist nonprofit boards; case studies on feminist organizations and issues.