Family Tree Clinic

Family Tree Clinic

Family Tree Clinic
1619 Dayton Avenue
Suite 205
St. Paul, MN 55104

Mission: Family Tree Clinic’s mission is to cultivate a healthy community through comprehensive sexual health care and education. Our vision is to eliminate health disparities through innovative, personalized sexual health care and education for diverse needs.

Legislative Concerns: Access to comprehensive sex education, continued legislative support of subsidized family planning services including affordable birth control, reproductive and sexual health care services, continued legislative support of expanded Medicaid Waivers for family planning access, continued state funding opportunities for reproductive and sexual health care, and health care reform.

Services provided: STI testing and treatment, birth control services, annual exams, trans hormone program, cervical cancer screening, breast checks and mammogram referrals, colposcopy services, pregnancy testing with all options counseling, UTI testing and treatment, nutrition and preconception care, culturally competent health care and education services to the LGBTQ community, outreach education services in community settings, health education and advocacy services to the Deaf, DeafBlind and Hard of Hearing (DDBHH), childbirth and parenting education and in-home services to the DDBHH.