Monday Member Feature – Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women

Size_550x415_Large LogoDon't miss hearing a representative from the Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women(MCBW) speak tomorrow at Take Back The Night Twin Cities 2012 at Hamline University! More information on this exciting upcoming event here.

According to the MCBW, last year alone 34 women in our state lost their lives in domestic violence related incidents. Find links to more statistics on domestic violence and related issues here, as well as the MCBW's Femicide Fact sheet, compiled from the numbers of women and children murdered from 1988-2006.

The MCBW has been advocating, assisting, and working for 30 years "as the state's primary voice for battered women." Their primary vision is "to end violence against women and their children and to achieve social justice for all."

They mean to achieve this vision through fulfillment of their mission; providing a voice for battered women and member programs; challenging systems and institutions so they respond more effectively to the needs of battered women and their children; promoting social change and support, education, and connecting member programs.

Some of the notable achievements of the MCBW include: effective advocating with the Minnesota Legislature, including increased consequences for batterers, and better tools for law enforcement and the courts to use in holding batterers accountable, as well as being a main provider of training for battered women's advocates. 

Read more about their accomplishments here.

Discover how you can get involved.

If you or someone you needs help, find services in your area here

Learn more about the cycle of violence:




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