Monday Member Feature: Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center

Monday Member Feature: Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center

Miwrc-logo-2000  JPEGThe Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center (MIWRC) states their mission:

“to empower American Indian women and families to exercise their cultural values and integrity, and to achieve sustainable life ways, while advocating for justice and equity.”

The MIWRC was founded in 1984, and has been “committed to the holistic growth and development of American Indian women and their families.” 

Here are just a few of the award-winning services the MIWRC offers:

Cherish the Children Learning Center is a resource that uses a culturally-based curriculum to work with children to build pride and cultural awareness, with the ultimate goal of preparing them for kindergarten. The Center is accredited by NECPA, which is reserved for exceptional early childhood programs that substantially exceed minimum state licensing requirements.

The Sacred Journey Programs are based around advocacy for survivors of sexual assault. These programs provide essential and extensive services, including attendance at legal and medical procedures, long-term support groups, housing resources, and access to mental health care.

In October, the MIWRC released a study that “finds that early intervention to avoid sex trading and trafficking of Minnesota’s female youth passes rigorous benefit-cost test with a return on investment of $34 in benefit for each $1 in cost” You can request a copy of the report here.

Vendor Day is on Friday, December 7th. The event will take place at the MIWRC at 2300 15th Ave. South, Mpls from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Interested in registering? Contact Karen or Linda at 612-728-2000

The MIWRC asks to you remember that help is just a phone call away at 612-728-2000




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