Monday Member Feature: The Marsh; A Center for Balance and Fitness

Having a positive relationship with one's body in the rampant culture of fast/fried/festive/feast-prone world of today is hard enough. Identifying oneself as a woman within this culture means being subjected to the additional hazards of size 00 beauty standards as well as pressures to "have it all." (aka being the perfect housewife as well as queen of the boardroom)

However, a healthy body is vital to living a happy, productive, and successful life. Achieving health and discovering the possibilities of one's bodily potential can happen by incorporating daily movement and delicious nutrition to one's life plan. 

A place where this plan can take formation is the Marsh

Their mission is "to provide an environment and a philosophy that inspires, challenges, educates, and supports a healthy approach to life through professional care and guidance."

Like their name suggests, the Marsh is situated next to marshland, which creates a peaceful atmosphere that encourages a balanced, healthy attitude towards life. Discover more about their philosophy here.

They feature many health and fitness programs, customized specifically by industry professionals.

Some of the upcoming events at the Marsh include a 5k walk/run on November 3rd and their Member Holiday Party on December 13th. 

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