Non-Profit Organization Membership

Nonprofit membership has many benefits including:

  • The E-Consortium Notes (our twice a month publication);
  • Promotion of your events, services, and programs;
  • Referrals to your services and programs;
  • Being part of a joint legislative platform;
  • Special invitations to meetings with elected officials;
  • Networking and opportunities to foster collaboration with other organizations;
  • Listing in the Women’s Consortium Membership Directory;
  • Being part of a progressive community supporting women’s issues, services, and leadership.

In joining the Minnesota Women’s Consortium, the undersigned recognizes that the common purpose of the Minnesota Women’s Consortium is to advance equity and justice for all women through advocacy and collaboration.  The Consortium is an association of organizations and individuals committed to feminist goals not in conflict with those set out in the Houston Plan of Action, U.N. Decade of Women 1977.

While no organization is likely to take a stand on all of these issues, the undersigned hereby agrees they will not actively work in opposition to any of these planks.

Once an organizational membership application has been received, it must be reviewed by the Board of Directors and then ratified by the voting delegates of the Minnesota Women’s Consortium. After ratification, an organization will become an official member of the Consortium upon payment of dues and election/appointment of one Delegate and one Alternate. The Delegate or Alternate will be the organization’s official representative and voting member of the Consortium.

Organizational member dues are listed below. Please set your own rate based on the membership size and annual financial capability of your organization.

$90 Budgets to $150,000
$120 Budgets $150,000-$300,000
$250 Budgets $300,000-$500,000
$450 Budgets $500,000 and over

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