Self-Determination: Minnesotans United for All Families

The countdown to Celebration 32 continues! Today, learn a little about 2012's Self-Determination honoree: Minnesotans United For All Families.

MN United is an organization which seeks to defeat the proposed marriage amendment to the Minnesota constitution. In November, Minnesotans will be asked to vote yes or no to an amendment which, if passed, would prohibit same-sex couples from legally marrying. MN United is coalition based – they have the support of many different groups and individuals who all want to see the marriage amendment defeated. Their task will not be easy; in every other state where an amendment banning marriage for same-sex couples was proposed the amendment was passed. MN United believes in the importance of family and marriage for all people and intends to work tirelessly for a Minnesota that does too.

Congratulations to Minnesotans United for All Families and we'll see you at Celebration 32!

For more information on MN United click here.


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