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Recently, Lorraine and I took a trip to Rochester. We had the pleasure of meeting a group of women doing extraordinary work to improve the status of women and girls in Minnesota. Working for equality and justice is not easy, especially when you feel like you're working alone. As the largest statewide network for women and girls in Minnesota, the Women's Consortium works for every woman in the state. Because our offices are in the Twin Cities, it can be difficult to reach every woman in the state. This is why we need your help.

Your past support has been instrumental in helping the Women's Consortium move women and girls toward equality and justice, and we need your help again. We have set a goal to raise $10,000 on Give to the Max Day, November 15, so that we can maximize our capacity to reach every Minnesota woman. We need you to help us do that.

For 33 years, the Women's Consortium has provided programming, services, and resources that strengthen the work of organizations and individuals working to achieve equality and justice for women and girls. We do this work through leadership development, public policy and advocacy, and capacity and support services. Women of all backgrounds contact us looking for resources or ways to achieve equality. In October alone, we reached 477 women, not all members. Our membership dues are kept low in order to allow everyone membership, regardless of their income level. Because of this member dues make up a small portion of our yearly revenue. We rely on individuals to help us meet our yearly fundraising goal of $185,000. Raising $10,000 on November 15 is a crucial part of reaching our year end goal and maximizing our work.

We're asking you not only to contribute but also to help us fundraise. There are many ways you can help.

Set up a fundraising page for the Minnesota Women's Consortium
Spread the word through your social networks

Give to the Max!

If 500 people, give $20 on November 15, we can reach our goal. I bet you know 10 people who could give $20 to fund equality and justice. That's already $200 toward our goal. Help us maximize our capacity to reach every woman in the state. We cannot do this work without you. We are stronger together. Donate today.

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Erin Parrish
Executive Director

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