Services for women veterans

DownloadedFileToday, November 11th, we recognize the outstanding contributions veterans have made to and in defense of our country. In order to ensure veterans receive the best care and resources they deserve, here are some services especially for the 1,853,690 (as per most recent statistics September 2011) women veterans who often face specific challenges.

The U.S. Dept of Veterans' Affairs recognizes this, and during March 20-22, 2012 held the Meeting of the Advisory Committee on Women Veterans. The purpose of this meeting was to focus on mental health, legislative issues, research, rural health, and homeless initiatives in regards to women veterans. Visit their site for links to more helpful resources including assistance for survivors of military sexual trauma.

The MN Dept of Veterans' Affairs  has a Women's Veterans's program as well. Their mission is to "ensure women veterans have equitable access to federal and state benefits and services" and are treated "with dignity and respect." They have locations in Fargo, Minneapolis, Sioux Falls, and St. Cloud.



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