We thank our sponsors of Celebration 37: The Bench, The Bar and The Beat

Table Sponsors

Defender of Justice

AAUW Minnesota             

Katherine Austin Mahle

Protector of Honor

Mary T., Inc.

Minnesota Nurses Association

YWCA of Minneapolis

Our wonderful SENECA FALLS SOCIETY supporters

Lucretia Mott: Sally Jorgensen

Susan B. Anthony: Karen and Dave Kirkwood

Ida Wells Barnett: AFSCME Council 5; Carol Freeman; Jack Griffin; Mary Jo Skaggs; Emily Anne Tuttle, and Lauren Weck.

Clara Ueland: Lyn Burton, Yvonne C. Condell, P. Diane Cummisford, Former Ramsey County Attorney-Susan Gaertner, Rhoda Gilman, Meredith Hart, Ruth L. Hayden and Associates, Inc., Karen S. Howell, Beth Gibson Lilja, Peggy Lucas,  Meadow Muska and Bridget Doak, Mary E. Pickard, Lynelle Wood and Dede Wolfson.

Sponsors: Gail Chang Bohr, Judy C. Corrao, Connie White Delaney, Marge Hols,  Maureen Kucera-Walsh, Laura Jeffrey Academy, Shirley Nelson, Jane Olson,  RESOURCE Specialized Career  Services for Women, Laurie Rose Simon,  Karen J. Vogel and Bonnie Watkins.


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