Weekly Wrap-Up – Nov 19th

Weekly Wrap-Up – Nov 19th

Here are some of last week’s highlights to start out this short week!

Thank you to all of our wonderful donors for making this year’s Give to the Max Day such a success! We exceeded our goal, and I enjoyed keeping track of donations while thanking each of you that contributed. By supporting the Minnesota Women’s Consortium, you stand up for gender equality and justice, and we want to thank you for taking that stance.

Interesting post-election results. While we all know women are largely responsible for the outcome of the election, it appears that category can be narrowed to “unmarried” women. So, what are the implications? As women marry, does that automatically make them more conservative? How else to explain this so-called “marriage gap?”

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 Marriage can apparently have not only an adverse affect on women’s voting behaviors, but also on their insurance, especially when said marriage ends in divorce. This article from the Wall Street Journal looks at the number of women that face losing their health insurance as a result of their divorce.

13602426Minnesotan writer Louise Erdrich received the National Book Award for fiction on Wednesday. Beginning her acceptance speech in Ojibwe, Erdrich said, “I would like to accept this in recognition of the grace and the endurance of native women.” Her book, The Round House, describes the “ongoing injustice” that affects native women and their community.

Thinking about indulging in some retail therapy to get through dealing with the family this holiday? First check out how your favorite clothing brands are graded in regards to child labor usage, sustainable raw materials sourcing, and  safe working conditions. 


Have a lovely week!





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