Weekly Wrap-Up – Oct 19, 2012

5118213230_158a8acc66Welcome to the end of the third week of October! Here's what went down:

Romney. Binders full of women. If you missed this, here's a quick rundown.

In a different debate, this one promisingly featuring female candidates, they were asked this question

Wondering what the wage gap is in your area, and how it measures up nationwide? Use this extensive interactive map and find out! 

Find the most current information here concerning the scary ongoing fungal meningitis outbreaks in our state, until quite recently affecting solely MN women. 



HappyFriday Frivolity:





Women in the media: I'm a huge Current radio nerd, and this Thursday enjoyed hearing Metric's leading lady Emily Haines' "Theft of the Dial" segment.


Finally, not to be too domestic and recipe share but: pumpkin season is upon us in full force, and this recipe for vegan pumpkin cupcakes looks delectable, not to mention simple enough for me to handle.

Until next time, happy weekend!



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