“Women Will Fight to Vote” Gloria Steinem’s Election Predictions

“Women Will Fight to Vote” Gloria Steinem’s Election Predictions

Welcome to Election Week!

Gloria Steinem shares her thoughts on the impact women will have on Tuesday.

According to CNN’s anchor Randi Kaye, if Obama wins re-election, he will have women to thank. Currently Obama is ahead of Romney with women voters, claiming an 11-point advantage (52% to 41%) among likely voters for president.

Key topics that Steinem shared her views on included:

  • The fact that the number one issue for women is abortion, beating out even the economy (although we know they go together).
  • Controlling reproduction, including the implications of the Romney/Ryan Human Life Amendment which would “effectively put women’s bodies under government control.”
  • The refusal of Romney to support equal pay for women. Steinem “doesn’t remember any candidate ever not, at least verbally, agreeing to support equal pay for women.”
  • Failing to update and extend the Violence Against Women Act, when since 9/11, more women have been killed by their husbands and boyfriends than the people killed during 9/11 and Americans killed in Iraq and Afghanistan combined since then.

Steinem wanted to point out that no matter a person’s personal view on issues like abortion, they themselves should have the right to make that decision concerning their body, not the government.

Asked for her prediction for Tuesday, Steinem shared that “it all depends on who votes.” The Romney/Ryan ticket is hoping for a small voter turnout, composed mostly of wealthy white males, while a “more inclusive, ‘true democratic’ turnout” would have a favorable outcome for Obama/Biden.

“Women will fight to vote,” Steinem says.

We must utilize this basic right to dictate our future, a right that has only been ours for 92 years.


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