Your help is needed

Your help is needed


Working as a Public Policy Intern at the Minnesota Women’s Consortium was not just an experience that I simply listed on my resume. The skills and perspectives

I gained from the Women’s Consortium are truly unique. I had the chance to actively engage in Minnesota politics, to network and build relationships by collaborating with other organizations, and to effectively and strategically support all of you as you work for equality and justice.

The Women’s Consortium does not merely represent its 150 member organizations. It is a hub, merging all Minnesotans’ work to better the lives of all women. It is a place that gives a voice to women who are often unable to advocate for themselves.

I am not an American citizen. I have lived in the United States away from my family and home since age 15. If someone asked me to summarize my experience at the Women’s Consortium in one sentence, my answer would be that I found my “home.” As a non-immigrant, foreign woman without full rights and citizenship, I find the work of the Women’s Consortium and its 150 member organizations to be beautiful and empowering.

On Give to the Max Day, TODAY, the Women’s Consortium has a goal of raising $10,000.Your help is needed to reach this goal. Become a part of this wonderful organization. For this day only, you can become an individual member of the Minnesota Women’s Consortium for only $30 (a $20 discount). I encourage you to become a member of the Women’s Consortium today and find your “home” in a movement to achieve equality and justice for women and girls. In addition, a generous donor has offered to match up to $2,000. This means your $30 doubles, becoming $60!

As part of the Women’s Consortium’s, you feel the burst of Minnesota’s energy and passion for justice. We need you to keep this momentum going. As you work for equality and justice, the Women’s Consortium provides the space, resources, and foundation from which you work. The Women’s Consortium is about being stronger together, and I am proud that I had the chance to participate in the process.

When I finished my internship, I made a contribution of twenty dollars to theWomen’s Consortium because I know that the worth of this donation is more than just an amount. The worth is being part of something much larger than myself.

It is about being stronger together.

427With all due respect,

Jisoo Hong

Former Public Policy Intern

Minnesota Women’s Consortium


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